October 4, 2017

DL page backup

Thank You for your support, please follow the directions below to start your download.


MalwareBuster Download

To begin the download, click the download button then do the following:

Internet Explorer Users:  Click on the “Run” button when prompted.

Edge Users:  Click on the “Save” button then click on the “Run” button when prompted.

Mozilla Firefox Users:  Click on the “Save” button when prompted.  This will save the file, usually to your Downloads folder; once downloaded, locate and double-click the file to begin installation.

Google Chrome Users:  The download will automatically begin when you click the link.  Once completed, you’ll find the file in the Downloads folder


If you already have a code please follow the instructions below to activate MalwareBuster Plus.


  1. Follow the on screen prompts to install MalwareBuster.

  3. On First launch click the orange “UPGRADE NOW” button in the bottom left corner.

  5. On the next screen click the “YES ACTIVATE” button.

  7. On the next screen enter your license into the field and click the orange “ACTIVATE” button to activate your product.
    “Please Note: If you do not have a license at this point either click the “Need to purchase a license?” link or call: 844-384-7066 to buy a license from one of our malware experts.

  9. Enjoy your full protection against malware with MalwareBuster!